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Here at Bonyadi & Pashai Law, we understand that your property rights form the basis of the foundations of our nation. Nowhere else is this fundamental right more protected and enforced than at Bonyadi & Pashai Law. We take pride in protecting your needs and concerns all while attaining results in any real estate dispute.


Our Real Estate Services

  • Real Estate Transaction Disputes

  • Real Estate Transaction Litigation

  • Contract Review

  • $100 Risk Management Plan

Real Estate Transaction Disputes

Almost all real estate transaction disputes arise due to the lack of clear communication, the lack of proper disclosure(s), the lack of understanding one's obligations and responsibilities under the contract, fraud, and more. No matter your issue or concern, we have the experience to walk you through your real estate transaction concerns, disputes, and needs.

Real Estate Litigation Disputes

Although the objective of a contract is to avoid unnecessary future litigation, real estate contracts occasionally collapse into litigation. Whether this is a result of inaccurate disclosure(s), non-disclosure(s), bad faith negotiations, fraud, elder abuse, or breach of fiduciary duties on behalf of your agent and their broker, you may be owed compensation for damages you have suffered. If you believe you have been wrongs, call our office today to speak with our experienced attorneys regarding your particular case.

Contract review 

A poorly formed contract can have severe consequences, including costly litigation. Our contract review is designed to provide legal concerns relevant to your transaction or concern(s). We are here to give you confidence to either proceed with the contract at hand or to ask the right questions to ensure you are protected. Once our feedback is provided, you are free to choose what to do with our feedback. For instance, we can then speak about amending the document for you, we can negotiate on your behalf, and more. Either way, you will be armed with valuable insights you need to move forward however you see fit.

$100 Risk Management Plan 

Are you an investor, buyer or seller in a real estate transaction? Do you want to ensure you have an attorney one call away to answer any and all of your questions? You will now have the opportunity to have one of our attorneys help you answer any questions you may have for $100 per month! Please call our office to learn more!